What To Do With Not-So-Great Apples

We're still reveling in the arrival of tomatoes, and yet already we're getting apples in our CSA. Unfortunately, these late summer apples are a little mealy — not the crisp fall apples we look forward to...

Since they aren't so satisfying to eat out of hand, we're planning to cook the 13 apples sitting on our countertop. Their flavor is nice — slightly sweet, a little tart — so we'd just like to take advantage of that without worrying about the fact that they don't snap when we bite into them.

We could sauté them in some butter and brown sugar and use them as an ice cream topping. We might bake them into Faith's Apple Custard Tart, although it feels a little too fall right now.

More things we're eyeing:

What would you do with less-than-perfect apples?

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(Image: Flickr member x-eyedblonde, licensed for use under Creative Commons)