What Sorts of Recipes and Meals Freeze Well?

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Q: One of my kind co-workers is expecting her first child next month. To help out, I would like to make some one-dish meals and stock their freezer. My question is, what freezes/reheats well?

I'm having trouble finding recipes that include freezing and reheating instructions, and I'm not sure what to do to freeze food properly in the first place (do I use foil, Saran wrap, plastic containers?).

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Editor: Breanne, that is so kind of you! A few foods that freeze well, and that would make great meals for a new parent, are most soups, stews, chili, curry, meaty braises, and lasagna. You can also make dumplings or ravioli and then freeze them. Also, you can make your own version of mix and match bagged meals. Also try this thread for some ideas:

Good Question: Make-Ahead Frozen Meals Sans Canned Soups

When it comes to freezing, we like to use heavy-duty plastic containers with good lids. We also put a layer of plastic wrap over the surface of the food before putting on the lid. If freezing a lasagna, we often do it in a semi-disposable aluminum pan (we reuse them) and cover the surface with plastic wrap and then with foil.

Another thought is to take snacks and finger food as well as full meals. Granola bars, muffins, cookies, fresh fruit like clementines, and other food that a new mom can grab in the middle of the night while she's nursing can be a real help.

Readers, any other thoughts on easy-to-freeze food for Breanne? Any tips for good freezing?

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