What Should I Store in the Back of the Cheese Drawer?

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Q: Now that I've purged my fridge during the first week of the Kitchen Cure, I'm curious — what does everyone put in the back of the cheese bin?

The drawer only slides out halfway, so the back half is hard to reach. I had a lot of candy and chocolate back there that was completely out of sight, out of mind, and now I'm looking for a better way to use the space. Any ideas?

Sent by Emily

Editor: Emily, one thing we just started using a fridge drawer for is jam. It's long-lasting, relatively imperishable, and we are constantly getting it out of the fridge! We don't really forget about our jams. So we put the jam in a less visible spot, where we knew we'd have to reach for it all the time. This leaves more visible parts of the fridge available for more perishable items that we might forget more easily.

You could do something similar with your cheese drawer — put small jars of pickles, relishes, or jams back there.

Readers, any thoughts? What do you keep in the back of your cheese drawer?

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(Image: Faith Durand)

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