What Should I Make In My Brand-New Ramekins?

What Should I Make In My Brand-New Ramekins?

Faith Durand
Feb 1, 2011

Q: I received a beautiful set of ramekins for Christmas, but I'm not sure what to make in them. I've seen a lot of chocolate lava cakes, however unfortunately my husband isn't a chocolate lover.

Any ramekin recipe suggestions?

Sent by Sara

Editor: Sara, oh there are so many things to try! You can divide up a batch of mac and cheese and bake it in individual ramekins. You can also warm up leftovers in a ramekin in the oven, and broil them until they are hot and crispy on top. Here are a few more ideas:

A Versatile (& Gluten-Free!) Recipe: Sweet Potato Sformato
Lemon Spongettes
Individual Baked Eggs in Ramekins
Mini Cobblers Baked in Ramekins

Readers, what are you favorite ways to use ramekins?


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(Image: Emile Henry Citron Yellow Ramekins via Amazon)

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