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Q:At the market this weekend, I bought what I was told to be garlic greens (see pictures). I had to have them, they are beautiful!

Are they garlic greens? I've never cooked with these before, any suggestions? Is the bud at the tip edible?

Sent by Mila

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Editor: Mila, we often see these in big bundles at the Asian grocery, and while we think of them as garlic scapes, they may not be scapes, exactly. They are definitely the stalk or shoot of the garlic plant, though, so they are similar.

We like to use these like scallions or chives; just be aware that they are probably much more intense and spicy than scallions. Try chopping them up (including the bud!) and stir-frying or adding to a frittata.

Readers, other ideas for Mila's find?

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