What Should I Bake in These Mini-Bundt Cake Pans?

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Q: I received some mini-bundt cake pans as a gift and I can't wait to use them. The only issue — they don't have the typical hole in the middle! I know that hole serves a valuable purpose, but is it possible it's less of an concern when baking a 4-inch cake?

Sent by Danielle

Editor: Danielle, yes, that central column in a bundt pan helps the large, deep cake to bake evenly. But these smaller ones shouldn't be a problem. The first thing you should do, though, is measure how many cups of liquid fit in each pan. That will help you decide what recipe to use; bundt cake recipes usually specify a "6-cup pan" or "8-cup pan," etcetera.

Readers, any good recipe recommendations for Danielle's mini-bundt cake pans?


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(Image: Danielle via email)

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