What Recipes Do You Want to Try This Month?

February 2010

Welcome to February! Last month we asked you what recipes were on your must-try-list, and then last week we followed up and asked you which of those made it into your kitchen after all. I got to one or two things on my list last month; take a look at what's on it this month!

I still want to find some time to make those delicious-looking root vegetable dumplings that I was determined to make last month. I will definitely be making more scallion pancakes, too! (Look for a How To coming up later today.)

I also have some new recipes in my sights. I want to make bread more often this month, and try some new recipes for home-baked bread. I also want to try these:

Delicious winter salad - From Jamie Oliver. This amazing-looking salad has a creamy dressing made with milk; it's based on an Italian bagna cauda. It just looks amazing!
Lemon Snow Pudding - From Gourmet. I'm just craving lemon and this fluffy, unusual pudding looks like a fun new thing to try!

What about you? What new recipes and projects would you like to attempt this month?

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(Images: Jamie Oliver; Romulo Yanes)

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