What Pantry Staples Should a College Student Keep on Hand?

What Pantry Staples Should a College Student Keep on Hand?

Anjali Prasertong
Oct 15, 2012
Q: I'm a college student with a college apartment kitchen, but my cooking style is a bit more sophisticated than my peers. I unfortunately can't always have all of the ingredients I'd like on hand, but I'm trying to keep a fully stocked shelf of staples for healthy, quick, yet creative and fun meals. Do you have a list of must-haves?

Sent by Elysia

Editor: Elysia, your list of must-haves will depend on what type of food you like to cook. I like to cook a lot of Asian food at home, so soy sauce, fish sauce and miso paste are a few of my own staples; if you cook a lot of Italian food, your list will likely look a little different. But here's a list of economical staples that most cooks would like to have on hand:

10 Low-Budget Pantry Items Everyone Should Have

Readers, what do you make sure to keep on hand for healthy, quick and creative meals?

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