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On Sunday we kicked off a month of food adventures on The Kitchn. We've already traveled around the world to see how fish sauce is made in Vietnam, but we're also hoping to discover new things right in our own home kitchens. This is a month to experiment and branch out in our cooking lives, starting with the things that tweak and freak us out the most.

So, let's get to it: is there a tool, gadget, or small electric appliance that you just don't get? That you don't know how to use, why to use, or are just too afraid to use? Tell us!

Are you worried about slicing off a finger if you use a mandoline? Still afraid that pressure cooker is going to explode in your face? Love the idea of a wok, but intimidated by the setup and seasoning process?

Or maybe you just don't know when, where, and why to use a certain gadget or appliance, no matter how common it is. When I spoke to Emma about this, she admitted to being a little flummoxed by her blender. "I have both a food processor and a blender, because at one point, I thought I needed both," she told me. "But the blender just sits in the back of the cupboard because I don't really know what kitchen tasks it would be best to use it for!"

Now it's your turn! What product or tool intimidates you in the kitchen?