What Kitchen Gear Should I Take With Me on Vacation?

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Q: We're renting a vacation condo for 4 days — I know nothing about the kitchen or how it is stocked. I'm wondering what ingredients/utensils/cookware I should bring for cooking and eating? And how do you transport these items? We're on a budget so I'm trying to decide what's best to bring from my own pantry rather than buy at an expensive little vacation-town grocery store. We're driving, so space isn't an issue but at the same time I don't want to lug my whole kitchen!

Sent by Jennifer

Editor: Jennifer, my own personal opinion: Take one or two good knives that you feel comfortable using. Most rental cottages have an awful selection of knives. I also like to take a set of measuring cups, since these are often missing as well. And finally, coffee is a priority for me and my husband, so when driving we often lug along a French press and burr grinder (so essential, and so silly at the same time, I know!). Other than that, I would say, don't worry about. Improvisation on vacation is fun. (And as far as ingredients go, I like to take my own salt and pepper, and olive oil.)

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