IKEA DROMMAR: What Kind of Cake Should I Bake?

Ironically, just as we begin Week #2 of the Kitchen Cure and tell you to clean out extra unused pans and tools from your cupboards, I go to IKEA and buy a new cake pan. (Although, keeping the Cure in the back of my mind did stop me from many other unnecessary purchases, I assure you.) I was rather wanting this DROMMAR cake pan ever since this post, and now that I have it, I'm curious: what kind of cake do you think I should bake?

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I have a yen towards cake pans of many shapes and sizes, and although I have enough space for a modest collection, I do try to curb the inclination. But I do think that bundts or shaped pans like this one are some of the best cake pans to keep around. In fact, if you have just one cake pan, make it a bundt. Why? Well, it is usually a substantial size, so you don't need to fuss with baking two layers or making frosting. Also, its pretty shape means you can serve it with nothing more than a dusting of powdered sugar.

Back to my pan. This is a rather small cake pan: it holds 8 cups, instead of the 12 cups in a more normal-sized bundt pan. This is nice, though; I like smaller, more moderately-sized desserts. The average cake recipe will make about 5-6 cups of batter, so multiplying by one and a half would be plenty to fill this pan. Or you could use just one batch of a regular cake recipe, which wouldn't overfill this, and perhaps you wouldn't have a bump to slice off after baking.

What is your favorite kind of cake to make in a molded pan like this? Any favorite recipes?

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(Images: Faith Durand)

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