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It's green tomato time! Time for all those not-yet-ripe tomatoes to come inside off the vines before they wither in the frost. I pulled several pounds of green tomatoes out of my own garden, and I'm curious: What's your favorite way to cook and eat green tomatoes?

We actually ran a green tomato recipe contest a few years ago, and I still have my eye on one of the finalist recipes:

Kerry's Curried Green Tomatoes

But the classic way to eat green tomatoes is fried, of course:

Recipe Recommendation: Fried Green Tomatoes

Not all green tomatoes are doomed to stay green. If they have just the barest hint of red beginning, then you can leave them in a paper bag to ripen. (Or on a sunny windowsill, or next to an apple — everyone has a different method, apparently...)

Quick Tip: How to Ripen Green Tomatoes

But most of the tomatoes I have are hard, green, and crisp. Here are a few more inspiring posts on the topic:

What To Do With Green Tomatoes
Got Green Tomatoes? 5 Ways to Use Them Up!
Indulgence: Fried Green Tomato Sandwich

Do you have any green tomato plans this fall?

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