What Is Your Favorite Kitchen Gadget?

What is your favorite gadget? We don't mean tool. We don't mean a favorite spoon. We mean kitchen gadget — a contraption that perhaps others would find frivolous, useless, or (dare we say it?) unitasking. A fancy juicer? A salad spinner? A garlic masher thingie?

For me the choice is simple: my nutmeg mill. I saw one of these in France last year (blogged about it here) and received one, happily, as a birthday gift in the winter. This little gadget really isn't for everyone, but if you like nutmeg on your pasta, in your vegetables, and of course in your cookies and oatmeal, then this little mill is fabulous. I love the way its round shape feels in my hand, and the way it gently churns out piles of feathery nutmeg shavings. Lovely. I use it nearly every day.

OK, what about you? Do you have a specialized gadget in your kitchen that you just love to pieces? Apple corer? Tomato mill? Garlic unitasker?

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(Image: Faith Durand)

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