What Desserts Can I Make On the Stove?

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Q: I'm an exchange student living in Shanghai for the semester. My kitchen is pretty limited. I have two burners and a fridge/freezer, a frying pan and a cheap pot. And since I only have two months left, I'm not exactly interested in buying any more kitchen appliances or pans.

The pasta, stir-frys and egg dishes I've been making have kept me pretty content with savory food, but I'm at a loss for dessert. Any ideas for bake-less sweets that taste like they could've come from an oven?

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Editor: Ariel, here are a couple of posts on no-bake desserts that might be helpful!

What Can I Bake Without An Oven?
Favorite Quick, Easy, No-Bake Desserts

There's always the classic no-bake chocolate cookies, and no-bake cornflake cookies too. Both of those involve making a syrup on the stove and mixing in oats or cereal.

Readers, do you have other stovetop desserts that fit the craving for something homebaked?

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