What Can I Do With My Naked Lemons?

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Q: Longing for spring, I decided to make a classic Italian Limoncello. I got the recipe from Francis Mayes' book In Tuscany. The recipe calls for the peels of 8 lemons. So now I have a pile of naked lemons, and I'm looking for something to do with them.

I already have a small jar of lemon juice from a few lemons last week, and I'm looking for something more original. I'm also trying to avoid carb centered things right now - I've "gone Primal" and only partake of sugary or carby things on occasion.

Do you and your readers have any good recipes?

Sent by Susan

Editor: Susan, here are a couple of good ways to use up naked lemons!

Five Ways to Use Naked Lemons
Lovely Lemon: 9 Recipes To Brighten Winter's End

Readers, any good ideas for Susan?

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