What Can I Do with Leftover Stale Cereal?

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Q: What can I do with old (stale) cereal? I always buy it at the grocery store thinking I'll eat it during the week, but invariably end up finding several boxes with less than a bowl's-worth left crowding my pantry.

Sent by Zack

Editor: Zack, a couple thoughts. First of all, if your leftover cereal is not very sweet — you know, things like corn flakes, wheaties, and Grape-Nuts — you can crush it and use it as breading for oven-baked chicken, or as a mix-in for homemade granola bars.

On the other hand, one way to make your cereal-buying more efficient is to look for a grocery store (co-op, Whole Foods...) that will let you buy your cereal from the bulk bins. You can take a jar and fill it up with just what you'll need for a week.

Reader, any thoughts for Zack?


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