What Can I Do With Leftover Champagne?

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Q: So New Years's Eve has come and gone. What do I do with this leftover Champagne? Can I cook with like I would white wine?

I'm looking for some interesting uses.

Sent by AZ

Editor: AZ, honestly, we really aren't going to recommend anything novel here. Drink it up! If you have good Champagne that isn't open yet, set it aside to drink with a weeknight meal, as recommended in this great article at Slate:

Quit Pigeonholing Champagne! The case for treating the fizzy drink like any other wine. - At Slate

If you have Champagne that is open already, the same injunction applies. Drink it up — maybe with a delicious syrup mixed in?

Readers, any more unusual ideas for Champagne? We just like it so much that we prefer it in its normal usage.


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(Image: Liz Vidyarthi)

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