What Can I Do With Fresh Dates?

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Q: I am an adventuresome eater, willing to try anything once. I see fresh dates, sold on sticks, and have no clue what to do with them, how to eat them — I do have to say I tried sneaking one and biting into it and it was horrid — same pruning effect as eating an unripe persimmon — which if you have never had the misfortune — is akin to eating chalk.

Do you know what to do with fresh dates? They look so beautiful on their stalks.

Sent by Heidi

Editor: Heidi, it sounds like the date you tried was not yet ripe. Green dates are indeed very astringent, as Emily learned in this market report on fresh dates. After they ripen a little more they get sweet and crunchy like an apple.

If you can get ahold of some properly sweet fresh dates, try this salad:

Recipe: Asian Pear, Fresh Date, and Pomegranate Salad

Readers, any more tips on fresh dates? Recipes?


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(Image: Emily Ho)

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