What Can I Do With All These Very Hot Chili Peppers?

What Can I Do With All These Very Hot Chili Peppers?

Faith Durand
Oct 25, 2010
Q: I just received a small bag of chilis that a co-worker picked and wondered if anyone out there had any good recipe ideas. I love jalapeños but these go a bit beyond that! He gave me names and descriptions (below).

I am open to any ideas!

Sent by Amanda

Amanda's Chil Peppers: • Common Habanero -The orange ones. Very hot. • Red Savina Habanero -The red one that look like mini bell peppers. Extremely hot, used to make pepper spray. • Amazons - Yellow with a little blunter tip then the Fatalia. Very hot. • Fatlia - Yellow with a pointier tip. Extremely hot. • Naga Morich - Red with smooth wrinkly looking skin. One of the hottest in the world. Sometimes referred to as Ghost Chilis. • Trinidad Scorpian - Red kind of bell shaped but comes to a slightly recessed point with slightly rough skin. Extremely hot. • Limon - Small, yellow. Hot.

Editor: Amanda, wow! That's quite a hot and lethal bunch of peppers. Readers, any ideas for Amanda's sack of hot peppers?


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(Image: Amanda via email)

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