What Can I Do With a Surplus of Smoked Salmon?

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Q: Our household of two has been gifted with a huge amount of frozen smoked salmon. I need ideas for what to do with it, beyond the predictable smoked salmon/cream cheese spread. We aren't fond of smoked stuff, or saltiness. Can I defrost it and then rinse it to get rid of some of those qualities before I use it? We did give a lot away to friends, but still need ideas!

Sent by Anne

Editor: Anne, um... send it to us??

In all seriousness, we would yes, try to wash away some of the saltiness — although the smoky taste is probably there to stay. As far as ideas, what about tossing a bit with warm potatoes? Or baking into a breakfast casserole? Or putting it on pizza?

Readers, what would you suggest for Anne's smoked salmon?


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(Image: Faith Durand)

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