What Can I Do With a Big Bottle of Dry Vermouth?

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Q: After a party, I have inherited a large bottle of dry vermouth. I couldn't drink that many martinis in a lifetime. What else can I do with it? Is it something that is good for cooking or are there some fun imaginative drinks out there that use it and I've just never heard of them?

Any suggestions for how to use it up?

Sent by Emily

Editor: Emily, one of our favorite cocktails happens to include dry vermouth. Here's the recipe:

An Easy (Yet Sophisticated) Cocktail: The Lucien Gaudin

If you like Campari and other Italian aperitifs, we think you'll enjoy that one.

Also, it's worth mentioning that vermouth doesn't last long. It needs to be kept in the refrigerator once opened, and even then it will oxidize quickly, so it's best to use it up within a month or two.

Readers, what would you suggest for Emily's vermouth? Any good recipes, cocktail or otherwise?

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