What Can I Cook or Bake With Persimmons?

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Q: My aunt sent me giant box of persimmons which she grows in abundance in her back yard in California (I live in DC, where persimmons are hard to come by). I am pretty sure they're Fuyus and while I enjoy eating persimmons, there's no way I can eat all of these before they go bad! Do you have suggestions for fun recipes requiring this fruit? Baking would be ideal.

Sent by Jackie

Editor: Jackie, here are a few ideas to get you started! If they really are Fuyu variety, you can use or eat them straightaway. (If they're Hachiya you need to wait for them to get really soft and overripe.)

Persimmon and Buffalo Mozzarella Salad
Persimmon Magic
Persimmon Tart

Readers, what are your favorite persimmon recipes?


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