What Are Your Recipe Deal Breakers?

What Are Your Recipe Deal Breakers?

Faith Durand
Jun 4, 2008

We all have recipe deal breakers. You know, those things that make us stop reading the recipe, put it down, and promptly pull out the next one. For a long time one of those deal breakers for us was, "Heat grill." No grill - no grilled recipes.

The Times has a great piece on deal breakers like these - you should go and read it.

And then we're curious - what are your recipe deal breakers? What makes you pass up a recipe right away? Lack of inclination, time, resources, money, bad memories?

Our favorite part of that piece was Kemp Minifie's "rolled-eyeball moment" - with a recipe that called for making fleur de sel from buckets of seawater.

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(Image: James Steinberg for the New York Times)

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