What Are Your Halloween Food Plans?

Halloween is this Friday! What are your food plans? Are you making homemade treats? Hosting a chili party? Making spooky edible brains? How far do you go for Halloween? Do you go all the way to gross-out territory, or do you aim for a more tasteful celebration?

Here are a few good snacks and meal ideas for Halloween. Last year we put together a whole menu for a Halloween dinner.

A Halloween dinner - Inspiration from Martha and beyond
Halloween pancake molds
DIY ghost fruits
Homemade Halloween candy bars from Chow
Chocolate apricots - An easy Halloween dessert for the more sophisticated crowd.
• Any-kind-of-crowd-pleaser: Peanut butter popcorn
• More treats, including not martha's Creepy Crawly Cakes
Halloween candy hierarchy - What's better - Snickers or Twix?

Pictured above are Tombstone Cookies and Dark Chocolate Graveyard Pots de Crème from Sunset Magazine. Get the recipes here:

Tombstone Cookies and Dark Chocolate Graveyard Pots de Crème

(Image: Leigh Beisch for Sunset Magazine)

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