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The 2014 Garden

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I riffled through my photos of my old garden tonight, and I had an overwhelming desire for a new one. We haven't quite had the energy or time to start a real garden yet at our new place, but I am not letting another summer go by without a few pots of basil, mint, and thyme at least.

What about you? Are you joining me with modest plans of a few pots of herbs, or is this the year you're finally starting your square-foot garden, like Regina?

Gardening can be large or small; it can be a tiny pot of thyme on a bedroom windowsill, or a mini-farm yielding pounds of tomatoes and pesto by the gallon.

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No matter what form a garden takes, it's incredibly satisfying and pleasurable to grow your own food. I'll never quite love peas the way I love fresh-shucked peas off my own vines; sure, they only produced a few handfuls, but those handfuls were glorious.

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Personally, I feel that herbs are the best investment for the gardener with limited time and space. I use fresh herbs by the handful all summer, and a small investment of a few dollars for plants and soil will give back in pesto and herb-scented salads. And since herbs are (basically) just weeds, they grow with very little coaxing.

What are your gardening plans this year? Are you planning a big swath of tomatoes? A bumper crop of zucchini? We'd love to hear all about it!

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