What Are Your Favorite Casserole Recipes?

Over the holidays some of our most popular posts and recipes were casserole-related. Take this breakfast strata, for instance, and Art's mom's breakfast casserole. I couldn't help but notice this with interest, since I just finished writing a cookbook of casserole recipes, and casseroles have pretty much consumed my kitchen this past year. So now I'm curious: what are your very favorite casseroles? Hot dishes, gratins — anything baked until bubbly. What are your favorites?

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Are you a traditionalist? Lasagna, tuna noodle casserole, and potato gratin? Do you look to the seasons for inspiration, with deconstructed ratatouille and quick baked tomatoes? Or do you like the sweet stuff, with cobblers, grunts, crisps, and sweet bread puddings taking first place?

I have a definite love for breakfast casseroles, personally, from eggy oven omelets to rich and sweet croissant bread puddings. A casserole can just be so satisfying in the morning, when you really need sustenance.

Here's a look back at some of our past casserole coverage:

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Do you have any favorite casserole recipes that you really love?

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