What Are the Best Recipes To Make in a Cast Iron Skillet?

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Q: This weekend I purchased my first cast iron skillet and am ready to put it to work! I have read your articles on how to season my pan, but now I need some recipes. I'm wondering what dishes that I already make can be improved with a cast iron skillet, and I am looking for new recipes too. Any ideas would be appreciated!

Sent by Elise

Editor: Elise, congratulations on your new skillet! It's such a great tool. As far as classic recipes go, we really like searing and browning things in the skillet. So if you are going to braise a roast, or slow-cook some chicken thighs, try browning them in the cast iron skillet first.

Here are some other classic recipes and techniques that are great to do in the skillet:

How To Roast a Chicken (pictured above)
How To Cook a Steak in the Oven
How to Caramelize Onions

Readers, what do you like to cook in your cast iron skillet? Any recipes to recommend?

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