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Not too long ago, something major happened in my life. I became, in one swoop of wheels, a card-carrying Member of The Bicycle Clan. Not to be confused with biker gangs or cross-country touring groups, the Bicycle Clan is the fellowship of cyclists everywhere, those of us eager to hop on two wheels and feel the wind in our face, self-powering our way through the streets.

But now that I have a bike, it brings fresh questions, like what kind of accessories do I buy? Do you have favorite bike bags for hauling groceries and produce? I'd love to hear about them!

I work at home and usually ride my bike for fun or to the gym, so I am not yet equipped with any bags or panniers for hauling groceries. I'd love to start riding my bike (instead of driving the car) to the neighborhood co-op, farmers market, and grocery store, but I need a good setup.

How do you stash groceries on your bike? Do you do this frequently? Or just for the farmers market? I'd love to hear all the nitty-gritty details of your bike and grocery setup.

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