What Are the Best Baked Treats for Shipping?

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Q: I absolutely love to bake for my friends, however, many of them are across the country.

I really want to send a delicious treat to many of them for the holidays, but what can I bake that will hold up and stay fresh during shipping from NY to California?

Sent by Sara

Editor: Sarah, there are lots of treats that ship well! We loved this story from Emily last week about a friend who shipped homemade fresh bread as a special holiday gift:

How To Mail Homemade Bread

Here are a few more ideas:

Ideas for Healthy Snacks That Ship Well?
Holiday Gift Guide: Homemade Edible Presents for Mailing
Holiday Treat Recipe: Skillet Toffee

Readers, what are your favorite treats to ship to friends across the country?


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(Image: Gregory Han)

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