What Are Some Great Stove-Free Recipes?

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Q: I just moved into a new apartment and the stove doesn't work, and it doesn't look like it will be fixed any time soon. But we still have to eat! Luckily, we've got nearly every appliance known to man — microwave, toaster oven, deep fryer, panini press, food processors — but I'm getting tired of roasting fish in the toaster oven and throwing together sandwiches. Can you suggest any stove-free recipes?

Sent by Elizabeth

Editor: Elizabeth, our condolences! That doesn't sound like fun. We hope it all gets fixd soon! Here's one meal idea: if you have a kettle you can heat water and cook fresh pasta like this:

How To Cook Frozen Fresh Pasta (Without a Stove!)

If you have pasta you can roast small amounts of meat, vegetables, or bacon in the toaster oven, and toss it all together.

And don't forget to cover the stovetop for extra cooking space while it is out of commission.

That's just one idea. Readers, any fresh ideas for Elizabeth?

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