What Are Some Great Recipes for Spring Cooking?

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Q: What are some great early spring recipes? I realize it's only March, but the 60 degree weather Michigan is having is making me want to change up my eating habits.

Do you have any lighter recipes to get us through the early spring before the summer food kicks into full swing??

Sent by Leslie

Editor: Leslie, sure! Here are a few recipes from our archives that we are looking forward to making, now that it is spring.

Spring Greens Pesto
Spring Radishes Braised with Shallots and Vinegar
Tortellini and Spring Vegetable Salad
Spring Salad with Radishes and Pumpkin Seeds
Spring Leek and Lemon Soup
Spring Lemon Risotto with Asparagus and Fiddlehead Ferns
Spring Spinach and Herb Soup
Spring Eating: Two Fabulous Pea Recipes
Spaghetti with Ramps (Plus Sausage)

Readers, what recipes signify spring to you? What do you make when the weather turns balmy and the tulips pop up?

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(Image: Kathryn Hill)

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