Ideas for Fun Non-Alcoholic Party Drinks?

Ideas for Fun Non-Alcoholic Party Drinks?

Emma Christensen
Feb 14, 2012

Q: I have given up drinking alcohol and would love to get suggestions for drinks that are not sweet or very caloric that go well with dinner.

I am looking for something to drink at cocktail parties and big dinners where tons of wine is served so that I do not feel deprived or left out of the fun. Any suggestions would be so appreciated!

Sent by Debbie

Editor: One of our standby non-alcoholic drinks for parties is White Jasmine Sparkling Tea from Golden Star. It's so fizzy and fresh, you'd think you were drinking champagne.

Here's our review of the tea, plus some other ideas for fun non-alcoholic party drinks:

Wine Alternative: White Jasmine Sparkling Tea12 Noon to Midnight: A Non-Alcoholic Wine Substitute11 Grownup Cocktails Without the AlcoholNon-Alcoholic Cocktails That Impress

Readers, do you have a favorite non-alcoholic sip to recommend?

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(Image: Golden Star Tea)

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