What Are Good Recipes for a Crowd of Eighty People?

What Are Good Recipes for a Crowd of Eighty People?

Faith Durand
May 25, 2010
Q: Now and then, I cook for about eighty people in our community center. It's quite a challenge: there's only one person to help me, and only four hours to use the kitchen. The oven isn't very reliable, so lasagna is out. I am looking for some great recipes to please the crowd! Preferably vegetarian or at least meatless. Good ideas?

Sent by Dorien

Editor: Dorien, wow! That is quite an undertaking. One idea is rice and beans, with lots of side dishes of chopped vegetables, salsa, and perhaps some tortillas. You could add in a fruit salad or just some sliced fruit, too.

Readers, if you were cooking for eighty, what would you make?

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