What Are Good Lunches for Eating in the Car?

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Q: I drive for my job, visiting as many as five different locations in a single day, often on different sides of the city. I don't always have time to go home, or even to stop for lunch. I find myself in the drive-thru more often than I would like.

What are some suggestions for lunches I can pack in the morning and easily eat in the car (driving or parked)?

Sent by Erin

Editor: Erin, when on the go and in the car, we really like snacky, modular lunches. Try packing a little cooler with a lot of small snacks, and things that will keep well from day to day. Think small cherry tomatoes, cheese sticks, celery stalks, grilled chicken breasts cut into small chunks, a cup of yogurt, a big tossed green salad, and a bag of crackers. Things you can reach in and grab when you have a few spare minutes in between destinations.

Readers, what suggestions do you have for Erin and her car-based lunches?

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(Image: Faith Durand)

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