We've Hatched a Plan! 20 Ways to Use Up Leftover Easter Eggs

We've Hatched a Plan! 20 Ways to Use Up Leftover Easter Eggs

Kelli Foster
Apr 17, 2017

You've had your fun coloring all those Easter eggs, and now it's time to use them up! Once you've had your fill of them sprinkled with salt and eaten out of hand, use these 20 recipes as inspiration to work through the rest of the bunch.

Whether you mix up the requisite bowl of egg salad, make a single deviled egg, whip up a vegetarian curry, or cook a protein-packed quesadilla, there's no shortage of wonderful ways to use up your leftover eggs.

Protein-Packed Snacks

When it comes to nourishing, protein-packed snacking, hard-boiled eggs pretty much have MVP status.

Make an Egg the Heart of a Sandwich

Faced with a lot of hard-boiled eggs, egg salad is pretty much a given. But that classic just scratches the surface of all the ways you can use hard-boiled eggs on a sandwich.

Create a More Filling Salad

Hard-boiled eggs can make any salad more filling, but they also have a special place in some of these classics. They're the surprise ingredient for a thicker, creamier dressing, too.

Give Yourself a Protein Boost for Dinner

Use hard-boiled eggs to make grain bowls and veggie-packed suppers even more filling. Have a recipe that calls for a fried or poached egg? Go ahead and swap in a hard-boiled egg instead.

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