Well-Wrapped Toffee
Faith Durand
Nov 30, 2007

Give the gift of homemade candy this holiday season - it's better than, oh, lots of stuff. This photo of Aapplemint's Chocolate Almond 'N Toffee Squares kickstarted our inspiration. There are so many beautiful and creative ways to wrap up holiday food gifts. We like the simple clear packages here, and the old-fashioned gold stars stirred a childhood memory...

In P.L. Travers' Mary Poppins the eccentric nanny takes her two charges to a little bakery where the children buy gingerbread cookies. Each gingerbread has one gold star on it. These stars later disappear, mysteriously, and after some midnight spying the children have reason to ask whether stars are made of gold paper, or if the gold papers were stars.

Strange and delightful food scenes in those books - they're more eerie and magical than the film.

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