Welcome, Cure-takers!

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Many of you are here for medicine; you are partaking in The Cure on one (or more!) of our sister sites. And for those of you in Deep Treatment, part of your assignment this week is to cook at home three times. You've come to the right place.

If this idea scares you, we can help. Start slowly. Read these tips and watch for a Fall Cure Menu later today.

Start small. Try eggs - fried, scrambled, or poached. An egg with a side of pasta (also easy!) can be a surprisingly comforting and sophisticated meal.

Accessorize: Don't try to cook everything at once. Buy a loaf of good bread, and some olives from the deli. Get a cake from a nice patisserie, and keep your cooking to one thing - a roasted chicken, or a steak on the grill.

Keep it to one dish: Check out our archive of One-Dish Meals.

Are you new in the kitchen? Does the thought of using it for more than coffee and cereal intimidate? Ask your questions here and tell us what we can do to help.

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