Weeknight Supper: Salmon Scrambled Eggs and Toast

We were truly inspired by Dana's post on Sunday about choices, constraints, and wild salmon. It made us think about leftover salmon and making good choices with our leftovers in general.

We have been thinking a lot about putting all our leftovers to good use; it seems like a nearly moral waste these days to throw out leftover food. If you're making a splurge of a dish like Dana did last weekend, and if you don't eat up all the salmon that night, try it for breakfast the next morning.

Salmon scrambled eggs like this give new life to a leftover fish that we frankly don't enjoy much the next day. But drenched in butter, slow scrambled with eggs, it's transformed into a new treat and a delicious way to start the day.

We actually ended our day with it last night, a glass of crisp white wine in hand, and plenty of whole wheat toast on the side. Delicious and indulgent.

(Image: Faith Hopler)

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Faith is the executive editor of The Kitchn and the author of three cookbooks. They include Bakeless Sweets (Spring 2013) as well as The Kitchn's first cookbook, which will be published in Fall 2014. She lives in Columbus, Ohio with her husband Mike.