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Over the years I've owned many grills and worked in several outdoor spaces, yet one thing remains the same: you always need a place to put stuff, and you don't need to buy the extra expensive grill with all the drawers and cabinets! Instead, check out this DIY project that'll give you all the storage and prep space you need.
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
You always need a little extra space when you're cooking outside. Maybe it's just a place to put a plate, or a surface on which to chop some veggies or keep olive oil or other necessities. Grills with built-in horizontal space cost a fortune and take up a ridiculous amount of space. As an alternative, check out this great grilling workstation we found at This Old House.

The set up starts with two planter boxes and a few other hardware bits from your local shop. The trickiest part is covering the doors with metal, so if you're feeling a little scared, just skip the doors altogether! And did we mention it's on wheels? Remember: Father's Day is coming up, and this would make a perfect gift!

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(Images: This Old House)