Weekend Meditation: Summer Solstice

June 21, 2010: 7:28 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Summer Solstice, from the latin sol (sun) and sistere (to stand still), the so-called longest day of the year. It's the time to celebrate the sun and summertime and all that it offers: sticky, prodigious watermelons, velvety stone fruit, resolute zucchinis and bold, Rabelaisian tomatoes. Fireflies and fireworks and fire escapes. The opportunity to wear white linen shirts and buy too many ears of corn at the farmers' market, or sit back and reap the rewards for your labors in the garden (resolute zucchinis indeed.) This is the time of radiance and extroversion and plentitude. Don't sit it out! What are you celebrating today? Be it the sun's long, light-filled zenith, or the ancient art of fatherhood, or perhaps a birthday or anniversary or the harvest of your first bunch of radishes -- whatever it is, may your day be lush and bright and filled with joy!

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(Image: Dana Velden)