Weekend Meditation: Mornings, with Breakfast

When I wrote about Sundays last week, I realized afterward that the most important thing to me was in fact Sunday morning. And in particular, my favorite meal: breakfast.

There is something very soothing about mornings and breakfast. The day hasn’t quite come up to speed, with all it’s complexities and imperatives, and there’s a tenderness to everything, a post-sleep vulnerability where defenses and concepts haven't been completely reassembled yet. A fresh potentiality: what will today be like?

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I have a meditation practice and one aspect of that discipline is to get up early, in part because it’s helpful to meditate before the mind is in full swing, before concepts and conditioning have had a chance to take hold and build their version of reality. Cool and quiet, mornings offer a refuge in simplicity, a unique opportunity for stillness and awareness. Everything, including you, is brand new.

And right on the heels of that comes a down-to-earth question: what’s for breakfast? Sometimes a soft boiled eggs with toast. Or homemade yogurt with fresh strawberries. Strong hot tea or coffee with milk. Fresh juice. On occasion, steel cut oats or 9-grain hot cereal. Even more rare but such a treat are yeast-risen pancakes with fresh bananas and maple syrup.

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So what are your mornings like? Is there time to linger and appreciate the newness of the day, or fuss a little at the stove? Can you manage to get up before everyone else and find a quiet moment before you have to be fully assembled and ready to roar? What's for breakfast today?

PS For more morning and breakfast inspiration, visit 3191, a blog that dedicated last year to mornings. Also Jon Huck’s photographs of people and their breakfasts are facinating. Simply Breakfast is simply wonderful and of course The Kitchn, as usual, is full of delicious ideas.

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Breakfast, Weekend Meditation

Dana Velden has just finished writing her first book: Finding Yourself in the Kitchen: Meditations and Recipes from a Mindful Cook which is based on her Weekend Meditation posts from The Kitchn. (Rodale Press, September, 2015) She lives in Oakland, CA.