Weekend Hibernation: What's Your Favorite Food Film?

There's nothing like getting in the Thanksgiving spirit by snuggling up and watching your favorite food film on a brisk fall weekend evening. And there's certainly no lack of them.

There are films on the sweeter side, detailing an intense and all-consuming pastry competition in France to a single mom moving into a French village to open a chocolate shop. There are cartoons like Ratatouille which lovingly depict a rat with a very fine, cultured palate. Tortilla Soup delves into mandatory Sunday dinners with family. And a recent favorite, The Help, features that drool-worthy chocolate pie.

Entire articles have been devoted to the best food films of all time and literary journals often put out long lists of food films.

But we want to know what you think: if you had the choice this weekend to snuggle up with just one food film, what would it be?

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(Images: Netflix)

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