Weekend Baking: Joy of Cooking's Coconut Cake Recipe

We spent a snowy weekend with family, baking birthday cake. The recipe for Coconut Milk Cake Cockaigne is from our mother's classic Joy of Cooking book. We smothered the three layers of soft, light coconut cake in fresh meringue icing, still warm and gooey like a hot marshmallow. A touch of lemon zest in between the layers balanced the pillowy sweetness.

The finished cake rather resembled a snow-covered hill, we thought...

Thick, gooey meringue icing like this is often easier to spread with your hands - just glob on and sculpt in swirls.

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We have made many coconut cakes but this one remains a favorite. The coconut cake recipe includes coconut milk, and it's lightened by three stiff egg whites, folded in gently right before baking. The layers are always delicate, airy and moist. The coconut flavor is light, too - not overpowering. We dusted the final cake and layers with a thick blanket of fresh unsweetened coconut.

Did you bake this weekend?

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