Wedding Registry: If You Could Do It All Over Again...

Over the past few months, we've had several good friends tie the knot and we won't lie, we're kind of jealous of their gift registries. The ability to create a kitchen from scratch at a time when kitchen essentials are super attractive, just puts us into overdrive. When we registered for our own kitchen staples, we wish we would have...

... trim our list down to a smaller size! The problem with most registries isn't that you don't get what you ask for, it's usually that you get a weird mixture of things on your list. Things you're of course grateful to receive, but things that don't always go together or round out your kitchen or home. We ended up with multiple silicone hot pads, but what we could have really used was a complete set of dishes!

For those who have registered for gifts after moving in together or getting hitched, what would you have changed? Were your big ticket items worth it? Or would you have made sure to have enough white kitchen towels or cleaning supplies? Let us know your thoughts after the jump!

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(Image: Flickr Member Libra Rising licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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