Web Resource: D'Artagnan

Web Resource: D'Artagnan

Kathryn Hill
Apr 11, 2008

We have a nice collection of cookbooks from top gourmet chefs, and every so often, we enjoy treating ourselves (and others!) to an unique gastronomy experience. However, many of these cookbooks contain ingredients that are extremely difficult to find. What do do? Order from the Internet, of course!

One of our favorite bookmarks for fine food shopping is the online store D'Artagnan, which sells many of the things we need when we pull a recipe from The French Laundry Cookbook or Nobu: The Cookbook. From foie gras to poussin to fresh truffles, D'Artagnan is a website full of epicurean delights. We also like their business practices; they support sustainable farming, so we feel confident that the products we receive them are top quality and ethical.

Ordering online from them is a snap, and the products are well-packaged and arrive promptly.

(Image: D'Artagnan)

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