(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
There have been lots of fun design prototypes for transparent toasters over the past few years (remember this one?). But now Magimix has actually brought one to the market. Now, if you are so inclined, you can actually watch your toast as it gently crisps.
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
The Magimix toaster has a viewing window (which does open for cleaning, by the way) that lets you watch your toast. You can pull out the toast when it reaches the perfect shade of toasty-ness, and never let it burn again. There are also extra-wide slots and several preset settings for toast, bagels, and defrost.

Have you tried out this brand new toaster? It's quite shiny and beautiful, with a price tag to match, too.

Magimix Vision Toaster, $299.95 exclusively at Williams-Sonoma

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(Images: Williams-Sonoma)