Wake Up in Style! 3 Fabulous Coffee & Tea Appliances from BELLA

You know the routine: every morning you wake up, shower, put on some clothes, then turn on your kettle or coffee maker to help you get going. These small actions might be necessary and even second nature at this point, but they should never be boring or hectic. These three coffee and tea appliances from BELLA make things a little easier, less crazy, and definitely more stylish.

→ Electric Ceramic Tea Kettle, $49.99

Add some style to your kitchen with this seriously chic ceramic kettle. Besides its pretty exterior, the kettle has a cordless base and rotates 360 degrees for optimal coffee access and safety. This kettle is super easy to store and reduces clutter due to the concealed heating device and cordless base.

→ 1.7L Glass Kettle, $59.99

This sleek kettle is made with Duran Schott German glass for extra durability. This kettle features a comfortable grip and large water capacity so you can effortlessly serve your friends and family when they visit. The heating element and baseless cord ensure that this kettle won't clutter your countertops.

→ Dots Collection 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker, $44.99

Your mornings don't have to be The Worst thanks to this fun coffee maker. You are able to program when you want your coffee, and how strong you want it to be, up to 24 hours in advance. This coffee maker comes with a reusable coffee filter, which means no more throw-away paper filters! There are number of colors this coffee maker comes in – so choose something you like and add some color to your kitchen.

→ Visit the Brand Website: BELLA Housewares

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