Vote Now! Best Original Pie from the Best Pie Bakeoff 2008

Twenty-nine pies! Thirteen classics, and sixteen originals. We're all the richer for these recipes, and we can hardly wait to try a few. Yesterday and today we voted on the Classic pies and it looks like we have a winner! (Go take a peek.)

Today we're voting on the Original pies. There was a wealth of creativity in these pies - cherries, chocolate, caramel - even beans and Gruyère cheese! We need your help to judge them (all in good fun, of course - every one of these looks utterly wonderful.) Click through to see a gallery of all the pies and to make your vote count! Click through to see a gallery of all the pies and to vote!

Voting is now closed. Click through to see the winner!

Vote Now!

The Original Pies

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