Virtual CSA Box: Navel Oranges

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Orange crop production is expected to fall by 18% this year due to unexpected cold weather in California and Florida, so if you find navel oranges in your CSA box, enjoy them! They're showing up in boxes around the country this week, from Full Belly Farm in Sacramento to the Purple Dragon Co-op in New Jersey.

The obvious thing to do with navel oranges, of course, is to chill them until very cold then peel, eat and enjoy. The juicy sweetness of a good orange is one of the great pleasures of winter. But there's a few other things we like to do with them too...

Orange segments are great in salads, and this Avocado and Orange Salad with Honey and Ginger Dressing looks wonderful.

We're intrigued by liqueurs right now and this homemade Orange Honey Liqueur sounds very nice. We also like this recipe for Shortbread with Oranges and Honey.

Rosemary and oranges are a natural and refreshing pairing, and we would like to try this recipe for Oranges Poached in Riesling and Rosemary Syrup. After a rich meal we also like to serve orange segments with just a drizzle of honey and mint leaves, or with this deceptively simple Red Wine Syrup.

What do you do with your winter oranges? Eat them out of hand? Juice them? Any special recipes?

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