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While many of the Western states have been enjoying CSA produce boxes since late winter, most of us Easterners are just getting the first CSA boxes of the season.

What's a CSA box? Community Supported Agriculture lets city-dwellers participate in the life cycles of a farm, essentially becoming shareholders in the farm's success (or failure) and receiving weekly boxes of seasonal, local produce in return for their dues - and sweat equity. Many farms either require or request that shareholders come and help with farm work at least once or twice. This is a great opportunity to be a little more involved with the food chain - and great for kids, too!

So, as the summer CSA season kicks off, we ask - are you getting a CSA box? And from where?

Is anyone still looking for a CSA to join? And most importantly - what's coming in your box this week?

(Image credit: Madison Area Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Coalition)